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Disney's Typhoon Lagoon

A boy in a pool looks on as a girl swims underwater at Typhoon Lagoon Water ParkDisney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Escape to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park for a storm of fun in the sun! Snorkel with sharks, stingrays and tropical fish in the coral reef. Plunge down rushing rapids, sunbathe on the sandy beach and glide down the lazy river on a relaxing raft ride. After an epic typhoon hurled surfboards into palm trees and tossed boats like toys, the storm-soaked Mount Mayday became a topsy-turvy oasis of water-filled adventure!


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park Attractions

Little girl grinning after sliding down Bay SlidesBay Slides

Twin body slides offer scaled-down thrills and spills suitable for even tiny tots while parents wade in the Surf Pool.

Children under 5 feet tall can join the fun on these beginner waterslides, mini versions of the thrilling Storm Slides.

Even kids who aren’t the most daring can get their feet wet on one of 2 pint-sized slides. Toddlers and little kids will enjoy the excitement of these gently curving downhill slopes and, of course, the final splash!

You can meet your little one at the bottom, where the Bay Slides feed into a shallow, secluded corner of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool. It’s a waterslide made just for them, no big kids allowed!


Meandering stream, part of the Castaway Creek inner tube rideCastaway Creek

Drift away into bliss on an inner tube as you float down this scenic lazy river encircling the entire water park.

Let the meandering creek take you where it may or paddle along with the current.

Guests of all ages can grab an inner tube at any of the 5 landings along the 2,000-foot-long route and ease into the relaxing retreat of this continuous, flowing river that winds its way around all of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Drift aimlessly along, soaking up the sun as you enjoy refreshing cool mists, thundering waterfalls, overhead rope bridges and lush rainforest landscapes on your gentle journey through the cavernous tunnel carved into Mount Mayday. You’ll even see storm-tossed debris on the riverbanks as you float by.

Inner tubes are included with the price of park admission.


Crush 'n' Gusher pool and waterslides at Disney's Typhoon LagoonCrush ‘n’ Gusher

Grab a friend or 2 for this multi-passenger, roller-coaster-like raft ride, one of the park’s signature attractions.

Enter an abandoned fruit-processing plant and take a wild raft ride down 400-foot-long tube slides. According to the legend, fruit was washed here prior to packing when the plant was still operating, before the big typhoon.

Choose from 3 “fruit chutes” and assemble your team: up to 3 riders on the Pineapple Plunger and Coconut Crusher and up to 2 riders on the Banana Blaster. Pack in more riders for more momentum and a more exhilarating experience, or “go bananas” and crush it solo.

Defy gravity as you and your raft are propelled through uphill climbs and surprise after surprise by powerful water jets. Catch some air as you thrill to sudden dips and snake around hairpin turns through darkened and open sections. Then take the plunge as your raft skims its way across Hideaway Bay.

An elevator is available for Guests with disabilities. Please ask a Cast Member for assistance.


A family of 4 in an inner tube floating down Gang Plank Falls, a ride at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water ParkGangplank Falls

Gather the gang for a raft ride in a giant inner tube with room enough for 4 people!

Get swept away by rushing rapids down a 300-foot-long waterslide aboard a 4-person inner tube. Big kids, teens and adults can all climb in and whoosh through rocky caverns, beneath drenching waterfalls and under rustic wooden bridges on their path down the mountain—all while rotating this way and that and banking from side to side.

One of 3 Falls raft rides that include Keelhaul Falls andMayday Falls, Gang Plank Falls is the medium-intensity ride.

Each raft accommodates 4 Guests. If you have fewer than 4 in your party, you may be asked to ride with other Guests.


A smiling woman in a bikini at Humunga Kowabunga waterslideHumunga Kowabunga

Plummet down Mount Mayday for a near-vertical, 5-story drop—in the dark!

Brace yourself for the slide of your life as you hurtle 214 feet downhill at a 60-degree angle. Holy guacamole!

Three side-by-side enclosed body slides provide high-octane thrills, chills and spills for big kids, teens and adults. You won’t know what’s coming next as you zoom downhill in the dark, drop 5 stories in seconds then spray your way to a surprise ending. Scream “kowabunga!”—if you can!


Girl on inner tube screams as she gets splashed with water at Keelhaul FallsKeelhaul Falls

Haul yourself up Mount Mayday for a smooth, scenic and swift ride down on a single-rider inner tube.

Feel the force of whitewater rapids as you rush along a course lined with boulders and palm trees.

A thrilling raft ride with a tropical twist, Keelhaul Falls sends you careening through caverns and a waterfall before an exhilarating splash at the bottom. Look out for surprises along the way—you may even find yourself spinning ’round and ’round!

Of the 3 Falls raft rides that include Gang Plank Falls andMayday Falls, this one is rated as the least intense. But don’t let that fool you; you’re still in for a wild ride.


2 young girls in bathing suits frolicking in Ketchakidddee Creek, a water play area at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water parkKetchakiddee Creek

Fun is infectious at this play area featuring 10 different aquatic activities just for preschoolers and little kids.

Little squirts under 4 feet tall will be absorbed for hours by this water wonderland.

Scaled-down slides give little kids big-kid-style thrills while interactive shallow areas with whimsical sculptures like snapping crocodiles and squirting seals and elephants inspire imaginative play.

Features you’ll find at Ketchakiddee Creek include:

  • Side-by-side mini slides
  • A mini inner-tube rapids ride
  • Crawl chutes
  • Animal-shaped fountains
  • A cave with a waterfall

Ready to engage in water combat? Then take aim with a water cannon from aboard the leaky tugboat S.S. Squirt or from behind any of several fortressed walls. Kid-friendly tunes and a small, sandy beach make this “water-opolis” the perfect playground for kids who aren’t yet ready for the big leagues but still want to make a splash.

Parents must supervise children at all times.


Guest riding an inner tube splashing into a pool from Mayday Falls waterslide at Typhoon LagoonMayday Falls

Brave the rapids—and the bumps—on the highest and longest waterslide at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Hang on tight for a fast, turbulent trip down Mount Mayday on a single-rider inner tube.

Big kids, teens and adults will enjoy the gritty thrills of this medium-wild ride that begins in the shadow of Miss Tilly, the shipwrecked shrimp boat atop Mount Mayday and the icon of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. Swerve through caves, under bridges and past thundering waterfalls—this one’s a rush!

One of 3 Falls raft rides that include Keelhaul Falls andGang Plank Falls, Mayday Falls is the most intense. Help!


View from underwater of a man and woman with 2 kids snorkling at Shark ReefShark Reef

Jump in and swim with colorful tropical fish, stingrays and sharks at one of Typhoon Lagoon’s most unique experiences.

Cross our manmade coral reef and get a close-up look at its inhabitants as you snorkel in 362,000 gallons of saltwater.

At Shark Reef, big kids, teens and adults can enjoy the exhilarating experience of snorkeling with minimal effort. Just put on your snorkel, mask and optional lifejacket, hop in and gently glide your way from one side to the other.

Brave bracing 68-degree waters—that’s how the fish like it—and hear only the sound of your own breathing as you get an eyeful of leopard and bonnethead sharks, stingrays and schools of blue tangs. (Think Dory from Disney•Pixar’sFinding Nemo!) An overturned sunken tanker with viewing portholes adds whimsy to the seascape while offering non-swimmers the opportunity to see undersea specimens without getting wet.

Gills and Thrills, at No Added Cost
All equipment for crossing Shark Reef is included with your park admission, at no additional charge. The reef is 10 feet deep after the initial drop-off point, so participating Guests must be able to float across, either on their own or with a lifejacket. Children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

If you’d like a more in-depth exploration of Shark Reef, you can snorkel in a special area with even more marine life. Visit Hammer Head Fred’s Dive Shop and ask about the SAS (Supplied-Air Snorkeling) system, available at an additional charge. No certification is required to participate.


2 waterslides emptying, side by side, into a pool at Storm SlidesStorm Slides

A trio of winding, water-gushing slides sends you hurtling to the bottom for a sensational splash.

Zip 3 stories downhill on one of 3 bodacious body slides: Jib Jammer, Stern Burner or Rudder Buster

Whichever one you choose, you’re in for an aquatic adventure as you careen, twist and turn your way past rocky outcrops and lush greenery, through grottoes and end with a waterfall splash.


3 girls enjoying the gentle waves at Typhoon Lagoon Surf PoolTyphoon Lagoon Surf Pool

Experience the drama of 6-foot swells at North America’s largest wave pool and the water park’s signature attraction.

Hear the thunderous “sonic boom” and the eager squeals of swimmers as gentle waves become big kahunas. Look over your shoulder and feel the excitement build as a cresting wave heads your way. Stand poised to paddle for all you’re worth. Then hang on as you’re swept ashore by forces rivaling those of Mother Nature.

At Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, the surf’s up all day long for big kids, teens and adults. With a continuous stream of swells, you’re sure to catch a gnarly wave! See the chalkboard near the edge of the beach for the day’s wave schedule.

Get in on the action by diving in at the deep end or enjoy the spectacle from afar, where you can frolic in shallow, gentle waters or lounge on sandy white beaches.

Inner tubes are not permitted at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool. Please keep a watchful eye on children and those who are not strong swimmers.

A smiling boy wading in a pool next to a girl swimming underwater at Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool    Close-up of a girl screaming in delight as she plunges down Storm Slides at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park    2 Guests riding inner tubes down waterslides at Crush ‘n’ Gusher at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

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