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Disney's Blizzard Beach

2 smiling teens enjoying the water at Blizzard Beach while adults look on at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water ParkDisney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

Discover frosty fun for the whole family at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park, a one-time ski resort that has melted into a watery wonderland. Zip down the slushy slopes of Mount Gushmore on one of the world’s tallest and fastest waterslides. Float down the tranquil river and sunbathe on the white-sand beach. Children under 48 inches tall can even splash around in their own water play area with a snow-castle fountain and kid-sized waterslides.


Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park Attractions

Colorful chairlifts with umbrellas go up and down Mount GushmoreChairlift

Every ski resort has a chairlift to ferry Guests up the mountain, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach is no exception!

Enjoy a leisurely ride to the summit of Mount Gushmore on colorful wooden chairlifts with umbrella canopies. This slow-moving transportation takes you on a scenic trip up to the Green Slope, where you’ll be in prime position for these awesome attractions:

  • Summit Plummet – the most thrilling waterslide at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, with a 120 feet long, 12-story drop
  • Slush Gusher – the tamer, 90-foot-long waterslide for those not yet ready to take the “big plunge”
  • Teamboat Springs – a family-style whitewater raft ride accommodating up to 6 Guests per inner tube

You must be at least 32 inches tall to ride the Chairlift. Guests under 32 inches tall can access the top of Mount Gushmore by taking the stairs. A gondola is available for Guests with disabilities. Ask a Cast Member for assistance. Please note that inner tubes and mats are not permitted on the Chairlift.


Sign post for Cross Country CreekCross Country Creek

Take a long, soothing break from the action as you float down a rambling river that flows around the entire park.

Kick back, relax and chill out on an inner tube on this lazy river, a polar-themed paradise with plenty of solar exposure.

Guest of all ages can grab an inner tube at any of the 7 landings along the 3,000-foot-long route and melt into mellowness on this continuous, flowing river that winds its way around all of Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Float gently down the stream with your friends in tow—or make some new ones! Pass through polar caves and a lush, green forest landscaped with rocks and overhead wood and pebble bridges. Find refreshment in the invigorating spring water that’s made its way down Mount Gushmore to shower you as you cruise through the grotto, and be diverted by bubbling geysers and leaky pipes along the way. And make sure you drop by and visit Ice Gator, who’s at home sick with a cold. Just watch out for his sneeze!

Paddle along at your leisure, or just soak up the sun and let the world drift by. Cross Country Creek also makes for effortless transportation to other areas of Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

You’ll find Cross Country Creek at the ground level. Inner tubes are included with the price of park admission.


Double slides empty into a pool at Downhill Double DipperDownhill Double Dipper

Race against your friends on these side-by-side waterslides that bring out your competitive streak.

A retractable starting gate is all that stands between you and first place.

Anticipation builds as you and your opponent wait on inner tubes at the top of twin enclosed waterslides. As rapids rush by, you exchange glances. Suddenly, the gates retract—and you’re off!

Disappear into a black hole and plummet 50 feet downhill at exhilarating speeds. Hurtle through the dark then emerge into the bright light of day for the final splashdown.

Like in a downhill ski race, flags mark your course and your time will be displayed on overhead digital stop clocks.


A smiling teenager enjoying the wave pool at Melt-Away BayMelt-Away Bay

Feel the motion of the ocean and float on an inner tube at this one-acre wave pool.

Listen to the sound of the surf as gentle azure waves lap the shore, or grab an inner tube and bob merrily out at sea.

Mount Gushmore’s waterfalls cascade into massive Melt-Away Bay, creating short, bobbing waves perfect for leisurely floating, with just enough excitement for big kids, teens and adults. Take an invigorating swim to the rock outcrops and bask under a refreshing waterfall, or luxuriate in a lounge chair and soak up some rays on expansive white-sand beaches.

Melt-Away Bay is the oasis at the foot of Mount Gushmore, at the heart of Disney’s Blizzard Beach. You can’t miss it!


Banner reads ‘Runoff Rapids, Double Tube’ at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park-Runoff Rapids

Ride solo or in pairs down 3 distinctly different inner-tube waterslides propelled by the run-off from Mount Gushmore.

Bring a friend or make a new one in line. Just leave yourself time to ride all 3 flumes, as no 2 are the same.

Big kids, teens and adults can experience 3 times the thrills as they careen 600 feet down the mountain on 3 varied paths:

  • The center slide: one rider at a time can take a darkened, fully enclosed trip to the bottom with just pinpricks of light peeking through.
  • The 2 outer slides: 2-person inner tubes travel over, around and under the snaking coils of the center slide.

Despite their differences, all 3 high-speed slides end with a splash!


Blue alligator next to a sign for Blizzard Beach reads 'Ski Patrol Training Camp'Ski Patrol Training Camp

Big kids and preteens can challenge themselves or chill out in this activity-driven play area.

Tricky obstacles and intermediate slides offer action and adventure that’s just right for tweens—cool!

Some of the frosty fun includes

  • Thin Ice Training Course – Test your balance by walking across tricky ice flows with an overhead cargo net for support.
  • Fahrenheit Drops – Drop in on the “T-Bar,” a zip line that ends with a splash in 8.5-foot-deep water (for Guests 5 feet tall and under).
  • Frozen Pipe Springs – Thaw your pipes on this enclosed body slide that empties into the bay alongside Fahrenheit Drops.
  • Cool Runners – Coast on an inner tube down curvy twin slides flanked by melting snow mounds.
  • Snow Falls – And so do you, like a graceful snowflake! Make a splash on this straight-downhill body slide.


Man rockets down Slush Gusher, a high-speed waterslideSlush Gusher

Start training for “the big one” on this 90-foot-long, high-speed waterslide in the shadow of Summit Plummet.

Catapult straight to the bottom of this swiftly moving, snow-banked slide—and grab some air on the way down.

A deluge of melting slush from Mount Gushmore’s summit propels you on this exciting downhill journey. Lie back, cross your arms and legs, and brace yourself as you zoom over not one, but 2 rolling hills that give you an exhilarating lift.

Although not quite as unnerving as its neighbor Summit Plummet, the Slush Gusher is by no means for the timid and delivers high-intensity thrills for big kids, teens and adults. Double-dipping isn’t just allowed here, it’s mandatory!


2 waterslides emptying into a pool surrounded by a snowy landscape at Disney’s Blizzard BeachSnow Stormers

Weave your way down the mountain on your stomach as you take on the snaking curves of one of 3 winding waterslides.

Power your way through the powder on this trio of snow-capped flumes, each 350 feet long. Take the slopes by storm!

Grab your toboggan-style mat with handles, plop down on your belly and ride a sensational zigzag course headfirst to the bottom of Mount Gushmore.

Bank through twists and turns as you fly past the flag markers of the slalom gates like in a real downhill ski race, but with one key difference: you’ll enjoy a refreshing splash in the pool at the bottom. Then it’s back up to the top to ride the other 2 thoroughfares. You can even race your friends for added fun!


Man heading feet-first down a near vertical waterslide at Summit PlummetSummit Plummet

Take it to the top for a near-vertical drop on one of the tallest, fastest freefall body slides in the world.

The most extreme attraction at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, this must-ride slide rockets you down a sheer 120-foot slope. Hardcore thrill-seekers won’t want to miss this “ski jump” that’s so steep, you can’t see where you’re going—until you’re there!

Scale the heights of Mount Gushmore then brace yourself for the thrilling ride to the bottom, where a digital stop clock will display your top speed.

Assume the position, push off when you’re ready and let gravity take hold. Plunge 12 stories at unbelievable speeds, hurtle through a darkened tunnel and then emerge in a massive spray of whitewater as you arrive at the end of the 360-foot-long run.

Do you have the nerve?


Group of 5 in a round raft riding a curve on a wide channel filled with rushing water at Teamboat SpringsTeamboat Springs

Fun is a family affair on one of the world’s longest group whitewater raft rides, where up to 6 can get in on the action.

Share an inner-tube raft and lots of laughs on this epic whitewater journey down the mountain.

Hop in, hold on and get ready to be propelled through 1,200 feet of twists and turns on this super-long, super-wide waterslide. You’re at the mercy of gravity and unpredictable whitewater rapids as your raft banks left and right and rotates randomly, putting members of your party in the path of drenching splashes and sprays.

Each raft accommodates 4 to 6 Guests. If you have fewer than 4 in your party, you may be asked to ride with other Guests.


2 kids running in shallow water at the bottom of a waterslide at Tike's PeakTike’s Peak

Preschoolers and little kids will love this polar-themed play land with pint-sized slides and aquatic activities aplenty.

Little ones can have big fun in this play area with kid-sized versions of the attractions at Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Slower-moving, scaled-down thrills for small fries 48 inches and under include:

  • Miniature snow-banked slides
  • Side-by-side downhill slides
  • A mini inner-tube ride
  • Chutes tunneling through the snow

Fun in the Sun

Splash out in wading pools featuring “melting” snow sculptures, including Ice Gator with his leaky umbrella. Start a water fight at the snowman-manned igloo fortress with spouting pop-up jets. The sandy areas surrounding Tike’s Peak offer opportunities for sunbathing and sand-castle-making alike!

Parents must supervise children at all times.


People on water rafts race in 8 lanes toward a red banner reading 'Finish Line' at Toboggan RacersToboggan Racers

ace your way to the finish line of this hilly slalom course where you’re one of 8 contestants going for the glory.

Sleigh the competition as you vie for bragging rights as King of the Mountain on this 8-lane downhill waterslide.

Grab your mat, take your mark and get ready to go headfirst, belly down to the bottom of Mount Gushmore on a 250-foot-long slope with 3 exhilarating dips.

Wait for the signal, then push off and hold on! Feel the wind against your face and squeal with delight as you catch air and your mat lifts with each dip.  May the best racer win!

A colorful chairlift at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park      Water channel with 6 kids in inner tubes floating downstream at Cross Country Creek at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park       Woman celebrating successful splash into the pool at Downhill Double Dipper at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park

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